Lucayos Issue #2: Water

Marjorie Brooks-Jones


Marjorie Brooks-Jones PhD (Miami) teaches in the School of English Studies at The Colleges of the Bahamas.  Recent publications are the essays, "Telling a 'Nativist' Story: Patrician Glinton-Meicholas's A Shift in the Light" (College of The Bahamas Research Journal Vol. 13, 2005) and "Rewriting Empire: from Colonialism Incorporated in Mary Seacole's Wonderful Adventures in Many Lands to Michelle Cliff's Project of Decolonisation in No Telepphone to Heaven" in Swinging her Breasts at History: Language, Body and the Caribbean Woman's Text. Current projects include a comparative study of contemporary Bahamian and Caribbean Women's Writing.  She is a member of the editorial board of Anthurium, a Caribbean Studies Journal.

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